Is The Chase For Success Flattening Your Self-Worth?


You ought to know this before you spend years chasing after what you thought was what you wanted: Success is not the same for everyone. Here are a few pointers for you to ponder about and to use in defining what success is to you:

  1. Success is achieving what your heart truly desires. And mind you, it doesn’t mean having the same car as your friend or having the biggest house in your neighbourhood. Success for some people can be to just have a roof over their heads, a loving family and a monthly routine to help the needy. Success to some people will be to make an impact so wide that they can make a difference to the lives of many, for instance, John Wood who founded Room to Read. Success to some people might be to be a dancer, a performer, an artist, etc. Success is not always tied to the higher social status nor the size of the assets tagged to your name. It is, if that’s what your heart truly desires. And there’s totally nothing wrong with that too. But if your heart truly desires something else, then don’t go chasing what other people see as success. In the end it won’t be worth it. Why waste your time doing something that does not feed your soul but only your ego. Remember, if you have already achieved what your heart truly desire, you are already successful in life.
  2. Your values are better indicators of your self-worth. Haven’t we seen and heard them all, those that have everything because they cheated their way though with dishonesty, turning their backs on some friends and making money while neglecting the health concerns of their workers. In the end, do you think their self-worth is very high? I would say, how highly you think of yourself should be based on whether you are living the values that are important to you. If you are, you are already successful in life. Money and social status should not be an indicator of your self-worth. We need to be familiar with defining our own lives. Too many of us let society define what type of life we should live, what type of goals we should set. We need to stop ourselves from going down that path.6a011570ee66e1970b01a3fd2d69b9970b
  3. The definition of success changes as you pass through each stage of your life. Success is not a destination, it is just many small steps towards making your life a little bit better, a little bit happier, a little bit meaningful one step at a time. It is somewhat a benchmark for you to rectify things and to set goals. Self-worth is lifelong. The two don’t really go hand-in-hand and you should not let the chase for “the socially constructed ideas of success” define your worth.

Be proud of who you are as you take part in this worldwide phenomenon of chasing for your dreams.

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