Loving Sophie – Excerpt 1: What do you do when you have a crush?

” Sometimes she thought she would be the last among her friends to get a boyfriend because she was not so outspoken and also because she was not very pretty to say the least. She was just a normal girl who didn’t like to dress up or wear make-up. One of her friends’ boyfriend even confessed he thought she was a tomboy because of her short hair and her indifference about her own look. That knowledge hurt a bit but she didn’t let it change who she was.

She has had a few guys going after her in secondary school but she was into none of them. Until now she still couldn’t understand why any guy would fall for a girl like her. But now was different. Now she was hoping against hope that there could be something special between her and Sky.

That was what you do when you had a crush, wasn’t it? You hoped. ”


First year Psychology student Sophie found out that her crush from 4 years ago – Sky Lee – was in the same university as her. How hard was it for an introvert like her to have a chance at love?

Sky had to cope with the news of his father’s cancer diagnosis as well as try to thwart the arranged marriage he hadn’t agreed to.

Sophie also had news for Sky that would turn both their worlds upside down. A decision had to be made. But which was the right one? Should the head or the heart decide?

After everything, how does one forgive oneself?


Set to be released in 2020.

So, what do you think?

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