The Reason I’m Here – A Short Prose.

I look at you and I see fear lurking behind those eyes. The trauma you’d been through, it’s made you wary of every human being. But one thing’s comforting, to me not to you, is that you allow yourself to be surrounded by my embrace as we sit here waiting for the storm to pass.

It’s been months since I took on this assignment. To finally be here is almost surreal. It’s like finding the holy grail. But my mission is far from over. First I have to get you out of this hellhole. Are there any more girls in here? The only way to find out is to search the ship. I’m likely outnumbered. Correction, I am outnumbered. How can one man fight against a crew of six? Should I take this chance and leave with just you? Will it be enough?

The sounds of the crew shouting their commands as they try to brave the storm could be heard through the metal wall that is holding us. Will one of them have reason to come into this room? After all, this is where all the cleaning equipments are stored. I suppose one would least likely need to do cleaning at this moment. I pray hard as I rub your shoulders trying to keep you warm. You wouldn’t let go of your knees, hugging them so tight against your chest. I’m uncertain whether you are cold or whether you are fearful of what I might do to you.

The world has been nefarious to you. Because you entrusted them with your life, they took advantage of it. Because you had little options, they squeezed everything out of you. They used your body against your will. They treat you like commodities. But, you deserve to be loved. You deserve to have a chance in life. You deserve to have everything that other girls are having. If I do nothing to help, if I let the criminals get away, I would be failing you. I would become one of them. I will not let that happen. I need to make you believe in the good of Man again. I need you to have hope, for hope is the only thing keeping the world go round.

This, my darling, is the reason I’m here.

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