The Spark – Loving Sophie {Excerpt 2}


He wanted to hold her hand so badly when the fireworks were crackling in the sky. It would be the perfect moment to start something new between them. But he was too scared, afraid that it would push her away. The last thing he wanted was to have her avoid him.

“Beautiful” he leaned closer to her so she could hear him amidst the loud explosions and before he could stop himself, the words spilled out of his mouth “just like you”. He remained looking straight up at the fireworks, not daring to see her reaction. Did she even hear him? Did he wish she had heard him?



She felt him lean closer to say something. She thought she had heard the word beautiful and just like you. Did she imagine it? Was she hoping so bad that she had formed those words in her own head? She looked at him in shock. He was smiling looking at colours exploding in the night sky.



She did. She heard him. She turned to look at him and stared long enough for Sky to feel self-conscious. He turned to look at her. She quickly looked away. Sky smiled.

There was something going on between them. There definitely was. And Sky was looking forward to this school year already.




First year Psychology student Sophie found out that her crush from 4 years ago – Sky Lee – was in the same university as her. How hard was it for an introvert like her to have a chance at love?

Sky had to cope with the news of his father’s cancer diagnosis as well as try to thwart the arranged marriage he hadn’t agreed to.

Sophie also had news for Sky that would turn both their worlds upside down. A decision had to be made. But which was the right one? Should the head or the heart decide?

After everything, how does one forgive oneself?

Set to be released in 2020.

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