The Goodbye – Loving Sophie {Excerpt 3}

Sophie “Come back soon. Call me every day ok?” Sophie said, not wanting to let go yet. “I will. You take care. Love you” and with that Sky gave her a kiss on the lips. “Love you too” said Sophie and she could feel her nose turning red. She tried to hold in the tears. [...]

The Spark – Loving Sophie {Excerpt 2}

Sky He wanted to hold her hand so badly when the fireworks were crackling in the sky. It would be the perfect moment to start something new between them. But he was too scared, afraid that it would push her away. The last thing he wanted was to have her avoid him. “Beautiful” he leaned [...]

The Reason I’m Here – A Short Prose.

I look at you and I see fear lurking behind those eyes. The trauma you'd been through, it's made you wary of every human being. But one thing's comforting, to me not to you, is that you allow yourself to be surrounded by my embrace as we sit here waiting for the storm to pass. [...]

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Loving Sophie – Excerpt 1: What do you do when you have a crush?

" Sometimes she thought she would be the last among her friends to get a boyfriend because she was not so outspoken and also because she was not very pretty to say the least. She was just a normal girl who didn’t like to dress up or wear make-up. One of her friends’ boyfriend even [...]